Friday, March 1, 2013

Dinner at Pusser's Restaurant

On Thursday, February 28th, our group dined at Pusser's Caribbean Grille (intersection of St. Mary's St. and Compromise St.) located in The Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Hotel.

During the months of January and February, Pusser's offers special dinners which include lobster tail with filet mignon, or 2 lobster tails, or lobster mac and cheese with filet mignon.  Also included were a salad and dessert.  All of which were excellent according to our the members who attended this dining out event.

We took advantage of the restaurant's 2-hour free valet parking, as parking in Annapolis can be a problem.  Most of us however, stayed beyond the 2 hours, just chatting with each other after dinner.

One new person joined us that night. To her advantage, our usual routine is to meet in the bar area around 6:00 PM while waiting for everyone to arrive. This socializing before dinner makes it easier for 'new people' to become more acquainted with our members. Below are some pictures in the bar while we waited for all to arrive.

We had reserved a table in the restaurant area for all of us, and around 6:30 PM we left the bar area and sat down to order our dinners. On this particular evening, Pusser's limited us to 16 people because of the restaurant's space limitations, so it was first come first served with the RSVPs.  Usually we can seat up to 20 at other area restaurants, but it is good to keep this in mind in case we have limitations in the future. 

Everyone ordered one of the specials, and all raved over how good the food was.  With the excellent service and good food we will plan to go back again.  Maybe we will try it again in the summer where we can sit outside along the waterfront.