Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kent Island Yacht Club, Chester, MD, Friday, July 16

We have some dancers in our group. Friday night we were invited to join Peg Fitzpatrick at the Kent Island Yacht club.  There were 14 members who responded to the event, which was listed on our calendar

Five of us met at the Safeway in Arnold and carpooled in Lorraine's van.  The rest of those who responded drove their own cars and arrived at various times during the evening.  Most arrived around 7:15pm, and no one had problems with any bridge traffic. For those of you who worry about crossing the bridge, Peg said that crossing anytime near 7:00pm on a Friday usually works out well.

The Club Commodore greeted each of us. He put together several tables. We had our own corner in the club, almost surrounded by windows - with a great view of the water and boats outside. The yacht club's members were very welcoming and friendly.

Some of our members went strictly to dance, others just wanted to relax and listen to the live band. A few of us had some lite fare, and all seemed to enjoy a night out. We can attest that their crab cake sandwiches were great. Full of lump crab meat.

We suspect that the Commodore had the band leader announce that there might be some ladies visiting who wanted to dance. It wasn't long before a couple of the yacht club members came over and asked them to do just that.  Walt also danced many steps on the dance floor with those who wanted to.

The band played all kinds of music, and though it was very hot and humid that night, it was quite cool in the club house. When the band took one of their breaks, a few members went out on the pier to enjoy the night breeze and take a break also.

Peg was such a nice host.  She told us she would do this again for us sometime in the future.  Thanks Peg.  Very nice evening out!