Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dinner at Lemongrass

   Our dinner in April was at the Lemongrass Restaurant in Annapolis. Though a bit hard to find, located in a shopping center, it was worth going there.  We met at the bar as usual, but had to discourage an anxious waiter who kept wanting us to be seated at our table.

   However, we like to stay at the bar for about 30 minutes.  Some of our members come from work, and so arrive at varying times.  We like to wait for them at the bar, so that we all can be seated at the same time.  Hanging out at the bar for a little while also enables us to mingle a bit more. You don't have to order a drink if you don't want to.

   After being seated we got into the serious business of ordering and eating.  We enjoyed our stay, and might go back again sometime.