Monday, April 11, 2011

ART BLOOMS AT THE WALTERS, Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a delightful art avent.  The Walters Art Museum situated in downtown Baltimore was abuzz with activity for the "Art Blooms."

Taking place inside in the Medieval Galleries, three dozen members of local garden clubs interpreted art on display in the gallery through floral arrangements.  The flowers were sitting next to the works of art they were to interpret.  Some examples we saw are below:
There were many, many more displays, but the above will give you an idea how original and beautiful they all were.  Each room had a volunteer available to explain the relevance of a flower arrangement to the masterpiece it represented.

Before we went to the Walters, we stopped at an Italian Deli that has been in Baltimore for many years called Trinacria.  Located on Paca Street, we were able to buy all sorts of breads, hot out of the oven, lunch meats and homemade pastas and bottles of wine.  Next time we are near there we definitely will visit the deli again.  The breads were so warm and delicious smelling, we ate some as we drove to the Walters.

After the Walters we went to Marie Louise Bistro at 904 N. Charles St. for lunch.  Our lunch was wonderful, but we sat near the "sweets."  Of course we had to try them after lunch.
From the Bistro we drove to a new Consignment Shop that had just opened.  As you can see from the picture below, it was very nice, and extremely large.  We did walk away with a few goodies.
We would like to thank Pat (above) who was our coordinator of this day trip.  She knew exactly where to park, and when to hit all the places she took us to.  We really enjoyed our day. Maybe she will take us there again next year.